Jordan Girl’s Night Out & the birth of the clock

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OK, time for my first blog. I’ll be doing some catching up for a while, and likely a bit long winded, since this is just the beginning. So many good intentions. My hope is to bring some of the musings, the inspiration, from the innkeeper’s mind. Maybe artistic, maybe historic, maybe philosophical if my husband gets his hands on this. Let’s start with artistic inspiration…
The Historic Jordan Water Street Merchant’s through presented a Girl’s Night Out on May 15th. With help from Sarah Hansen (Tilly Evan Jones’ daughter, our local Palm Reader), we presented our Tea & Tile events. Though it rained, and we moved the event from the courtyard garden indoors, we had a great turnout. We served Lavender & Lime Tea and pastries in the formal dining room, and had tiling in the kitchen.

Those who hang around Jordan for any time are sure to be inspired to glue shiny objects to other things by Jordan’s resident mosaic tile artist, Mara Wallach. Before I even knew what I was doing, I decided to tile the face of our antique fireplace mantle with VanGogh glass tiles.

Front Parlor Fireplace - First VanGogh Tiling Project

Front Parlor Fireplace – First VanGogh Tiling Project

I have said many times over the years of renovating this building, it’s better that I don’t know what I’m doing before I take on a project, otherwise I may never have done it. Well, that fireplace was one of those! Mara came to my rescue during that project, and gave me, and our innsitter Cindy, a quick lesson in mosaic tiling, pointing out this was not the beginner’s project – but graciously rescued me with instructions the eve of Christmas Eve!

After that I of course took her class, and created the welcome frame for our Guest Kitchen – a bit of a backwards introduction.

Guest Kitchen Welcome - first actual tiling class

Guest Kitchen Welcome – first actual tiling class

Now I’m hooked. I next tiled the buffet table for our front porch, with Fleur-de-Lis pattern and red glass tiles. I’ve was inspired for this is the focal point of scones, cinnamon rolls and coffee during the Jordan parades marching in front of our porch on Memorial Day and Heimatfest – and so it has served.

Front Porch Buffet Table - home to Jordan parade sweet treats

Front Porch Buffet Table – home to Jordan parade sweet treats

I’ve come to realize my engineering background keeps me more formal than abstract in my designs, but in the art world there is room for it all.

So on to the project for Girl’s Night Out. In my past life in California, I painted porcelain pieces. I had an Ivy and Cherub theme going (not breaking from my formal “must-have-a-theme” mentality), and painted a clock and a vase – both of which had been broken by my cats from my past life in Prior Lake. So, I’ve moved on from the ivy theme – loved the pieces – but were  repaired yet broken beyond display. The perfect mosaic tile medium. So during a very rainy garage sale day, I proceeded to break the clock, the vase, and several complimentary vases and plates. Ready for a new piece!

Sacrificing the wood destined for a tabletop of shells and sand collected from our spring break trips down south, I glued the foundation pieces of the California clocks and vases and let the girls have at it! It was great fun. Some were enthusiastic and were gluing naturals, others a bit intimidated but I think were set free with the gluing process. It’s addicting! It all wasn’t finished that night, but over the next couple of days I glued in a frenzy as I’ve never done on a project – it was complete within a week! All that is left is finding clock hands big enough to do the 2-foot clock justice (eBay here I come). The clock is already hanging on the back porch in the courtyard, patiently awaiting her tell-time handles. What do you think???

Cherub & Ivy Clock awaiting Clock Handles



Cherub & Ivy Clock – awaiting clock handles

I wish I photographed the separate pieces before the clock project. But for my next project – my long awaited reclamation of the bird bath – I did capture where I started. It’s the project of the month now!

Bird Bath - Before
Bird Bath – Before

Watch for updates, and the history behind the pieces getting glued. For me, I guess, it just all has to have some meaning, and these pieces have some for me.

Till next time… your innkeeper, Terri