Lavender & Lime Tea Recipe

Posted on June 10, 2009 by

We are often asked for our recipes, and for those dishes that actually have one, we are very willing to share. One of our favorites is Lavender & Lime Tea, a very unexpected yet refreshing summer ice tea. I’ve prepared this tea for years before my B&B days – for showers, teas with friends, and as a family favorite. Creating this tea is an artistic event in itself, as mixing the deep purple lavender tea with the green limeade creates a swirl of beautiful pink tea. Dried lavender flowers can be found at local health and natural food stores, such as Valley Natural Foods in Burnsville where I buy mine. Here’s the recipe – enjoy:


               1 tablespoon dried lavender flowers

               1 cup boiling water

               1 6-ounce can frozen limeade concentrate

               Place lavender flowers in a small teapot or bowl.

               Pour the boiling water over the flowers.

               Steep, covered, for at least 10 minutes.

               Prepare the limeade concentrate according to the package directions.

               Stir and strain lavender tea into the limeade. Chill.

               Makes 5 servings