3rd Place in Recycled Art Contest!

Posted on August 14, 2009 by

The summer has flown by – I’ve been remiss at keeping up with this blog, so I’ll be spending the next few days catching up on some of the summer’s highlights.

Recyled Art - The Panes of Mud

Recyled Art – The Panes of Mud

During the Jordan Art Festival, the Recycled Art Contest III was sponsored by 225 Water Street and The Vinery Floral, and I submitted an entry, and won third place! Thursday night is craft night for me and our innsitter – we take turns working on each others project that we have been wanting to finish. One of our latest projects has been transforming old windows from the mansion’s third floor into pieces of art. I have collected Jordan postcards, mostly from eBay, and they were scanned and resized to fit into the various sized window panes. We’ve been working on three windows, and the one entered in the Recycled Art Contest featured Jordan’s mud baths – Mudbaden and Jordan Sulpher Springs. We printed the scanned postcards as reversed images onto clear label paper, and were mounted to the back of the window. The clear paper allows light to shine through from the back giving a great visual effect to the images. Stop by the inn – we have three of these windows hanging in the front entry: “The Panes of Mud” window, a window of Jordan’s historic structures, and a window of Jordan street scenes.