Introducing New Seasonal Rates

Posted on November 14, 2009 by

It seems everyone is talking and thinking about the economy these days. The days of spending on a whim and putting off thinking about it until tomorrow are a thing of the past, and probably for the best. Getting back to the basics of what really matters in life has become a priority to many of us.

Nicolin Mansion PorchIt is important to Kevin and I too as innkeepers at the Nicolin Mansion. Our guests come here for many reasons – to celebrate, to reconnect, to relax, to… These moments in life are important to us as a couple. We know they are important to our guests as well.

So we wanted to make it just a little easier to continue to celebrate those important moments in your life by offering new lower rates here at the Nicolin Mansion. A little slower pace… a moment to catch your breath… Life in Jordan slows a bit this time of year too. The waterfall takes on a new beauty as the frozen water slowly flows over crystal rocks. A stroll along to the historic district decorated for the holidays, and often decorated by Mother Nature with a quiet snowfall, lets you drift back thinking of what Jordan might have been like when it was a young settlement with residents and entrepreneurs creating their dream. A cup of cocoa or spiced wine by the fire in the parlor or in your room is sure to warm your spirit.

Just take a look…