Inspired to Give!

Posted on November 22, 2009 by

Heifer InternationalI’ve been thinking about “adopting” a Charity of the Month for some time. This month I have been inspired to begin. We will be counting our room nights between now, November 22, and December 31, 2009 and we will donate $5 for each room towards purchasing the gift of an animal for Heifer International. We will also send a note to each guest who stays with us during that time, sharing what gift we were able to give. So what will this gift buy?

  • 4 room nights ($20) gives a Flock of Chicks, or a Flock of Ducks and Geese
  • 6 room nights ($30) gives the Gift of Honeybees
  • 12 room nights ($60) gives a Trio of Rabbits
  • 24 room nights ($120) gives the Gift of a Goat, or a Pig or a Sheep
  • 30 room nights ($150) gives the Gift of a Llama
  • 50 room nights ($250) gives the Gift of a Water Buffalo
  • 100 room nights ($500) gives the Gift of a Heifer
  • So, you may be thinking, what inspired us today to begin this program. Well, we had an inspiring morning filling Operation Christmas Child boxes! As we went from table to table selecting items for the boxes, we watched children inspired to think of items they would love to see themselves in a gift box – a baseball hat, a button-up shirt, a rubik’s cube, a calculator with a case… the boxes were stuffed full. They wrote a personal note, and even attached an EZ Give label so we can track where in the world the boxes are delivered. When we were finished someone turned to me and said “I’m So Excited, and I don’t even know why!”

    Well I do! And it got me inspired! How could the Nicolin Mansion participate in sharing and experiencing this joy? Operation Christmas Child collects and begins distributing the shoe boxes of gifts in November, so maybe it’s too late for that this year. But I thought of a conversation with one of my close friends in which we decided we wouldn’t exchange gifts, but rather pool the money we would have used to buy gifts for each other and buy the gift of an animal for Heifer International instead. That was it – how about pooling a donation for each room night we have between now and the end of the year. Now, we are so excited too! The same excitement I witnessed as we filled those shoe boxes.

    Update 1/2/2010: Thank you to all our guests for supporting us and the Heifer International in December. We have been able to bless a family with a Hope Basket of chickens and rabbits.