Scott County Fair 2010

Posted on July 30, 2010 by

The Scott County Fair, deemed the five best days of summer, is held here in Jordan each July. We had a great time tonight taking in the animals, activities, aroma and arts of the fair.

Scott County Fair – "Five Best Days of Summer" – in Jordan

Twin Baby Calves

As for the animals, my favorite has to be the cattle barn – living in California created a nostalgia for my native Wisconsin cow, a love affair that has never left my heart. Yet now living in Jordan, the spectacular Draft Horse Shows are a main attraction, featuring Jordan’s very own Ames Percherons.

The carnival rides are always a favorite for activities, though making the rounds through the commercial buildings (and stocking up on that ever elusive pen) is always beneficial.  The Grandstand events have been known to raise the adrenaline, and feature a regular local event, the Autocross, on our Motokazie SX Supercross Racing schedule.

The Fair aroma of course is alluring and unique, featuring indulgent foods you just can’t find anywhere else. This year I have to say my favorite is the Donut Burger, and you’ve got to love their tag line “unapologetically bad for you…but oh so good!”

And the art – besides the gardens as you enter (among them the rain garden that I personally helped plant in 2007) – the entries in the art exhibits always inspire me. A few years ago I entered a photography piece that earned a First Place and Grand Champion ribbon. Every year since I’ve meant to submit new entries but somehow never manage to remember before the deadlines pass. But mark my words (“sheepishly raised eyebrows”) we will submit new entries next year – Kevin’s Scones and Peach Cream Muffins, my Black Raspberry Jam, and my finally-finished-tiled-bird-bath, as well as an herb and floral entry from the courtyard, have got to bring home another ribbon.

The fair is still going on through Sunday, so go and see what you will find to interest, indulge and inspire you.