Triple D Experience: Shamrocks

Posted on April 12, 2011 by

Guy actually visited The Nook in St. Paul on Diners, Drive ins and Dives, but it was closed since a fire on December 14th. Ted Casper & Mike Runyon started with The Nook, ” the small place with the big burgers”  and later opened a second location, Shamrocks, a larger place with the same great food. So we decided Shamrocks would (almost) count as going where Guy went.

Shamrocks at 995 West 7th St. in St. Paul

Shamrocks has a great atmosphere. A great bar with great beer while you wait for a table. At the end of the bar is “The Lobster Zone” – one of those claw games but the prize is a lobster – if you catch it, they cook it. We didn’t.

On Tap – Summit Seasonal and Blue Moon

Live music is featured on weekends, and while we were waiting to be seated, the Mouldy Figs were setting up for a great night of jazz.

"Mouldy Fig" = Person who Studies and Plays Old Jazz

Shamrocks menu has a distinctive Irish flair, so we ordered the Pot O’ Gold Wings, but couldn’t resist trying the Wasabi Wings flavor

Wasabi Spicy

The Nook is known for their legendary, famous for generations, Juicy Nookie Burger – a stuffed cheeseburger – also served at Shamrocks. We had to try both the traditional Juicy Nookie, stuffed with cheddar, and the Paul Molitor, stuffed with pepper cheese. Served with their hand-cut fries.

Tasty, Tasty Juicy Nookie

Shamrocks has a great laid-back atmosphere, great music, and incredible food. It felt like we were on vacation, if only for a night.