u4ic (Euphoric, feeling good) Beer Tasting

Posted on May 5, 2013 by

We love it when awesome new business ventures come to Jordan, and today we were invited to our friend’s, the Fossen’s, kick-off Beer and Root Beer Tasting at their home in Jordan. This venture is right up our alley and we are so excited to be invited.

Kurt Fossen and Jeff Luskey have taken on the adventure of opening a craft brewery. And the name, u4ic, is fantastic! Euphoric = feeling good. And don’t we all need to feel good these days!

One unique concept was their limited edition shirts. These shirts are individually numbered on the sleeve, and buying one allows you to always receive a free beer whenever you visit the taproom! It also allows you a discount on additional beer and u4ic merchandise! You will also get in free to brewery events. There will only be 2,012 shirts made, so be sure to get one! (2012 being the year u4ic Brewing started.) The limited edition shirts are $100 each.

They had 6 beers on tap, plus their root beer, for tasting – but by the time we arrived there were only 5 available: Roggenbier (German rye), Tow Truck Guy (amber ale), Cherry Bomb Ale, Berliner Weiss (wheat beer), and Big Boy Imperial Wheat Porter. Plus Patrick’s Honey Pot Root Beer, that has notes of honey for a terrific taste. My personal favorite was Berliner Weiss, I’ve learned I’m partial to wheat beers. Kevin’s favorite was the wheat porter that had coffee notes – both his favorites, beer and coffee, in one sip. The boys had the root beer, and everyone who tasted it loved the honey flavor.

Though the brewery and tasting room will ultimately open down the road 10 miles in Belle Plaine, I am claiming them for Jordan. The Fossen’s live in Jordan, and even considered opening the first tap room in the pole barn on their property. And the Luskey’s have lived in Jordan, so the roots are here.

Read the article “Area Men Hoping to Brew Plenty of Success in Blakeley” from the Belle Plaine Herald.

So cheers to u4ic! We wish them great success! And when we finally renovate the basement to include our guest pub, they have promised to bottle a unique Nicolin Mansion brew exclusively for our guests! (Hint, hint… let’s get this project done).

Watch their Facebook site for opening dates.

u4ic Brewery
23436 Union Trail, Suite 1
Belle Plaine, Minnesota 56011