Some Things in Life Need a Little More Planning!

Posted on June 1, 2013 by

Mama finch has set up house in our front door wreath!

2013-06-01 Birdnest_resized
With two wreaths on the double doors, she chose to build her nest on the front door our guests use, of course. As I was putting up the sign to ask our guests to gently close the door, it dawned on us to switch wreaths so the one with the nest was on the door that wasn’t regularly opened. Now, just to wait to see if mama came back after all of our fussing. And she did. And I got to see that she was a house finch.

There are five eggs, and mama seems to be brooding them in earnest! We’ll keep you updated on the progress of the babies. How fun!
Update 6/15/13: The babies have hatched! Mama flies off every time the door opens, then she’s quick to come back to the nest of babies, when she thinks we are not watching.
Update 6/22/13: Our innsitter has been taking pictures of our feathered friends.
Update 6/26/13: Our innsitter reports they seem to get bigger by the minute.
She also reported that a mama Mourning Dove nested in one of the front porch hanging baskets. We didn’t get any pictures of them, but she reports there were two babies, that looked like giants in comparison to the baby finches.